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    Sloping Roofs

    We construct sloping roofings in the following technologies:

    • concrete lapped roofing tiles
    • all types of ceramic roofing tiles
    • metal roofing tiles
    • roofing troughs
    • lapped corrugated roofing sheets
    • roofing paper shingles
    • double-layered roofing paper

    All types of roofings are executed irrespective of the type and complexity of roofing area, but we strive to ensure that construction material entrusted with us is only of the top quality. Only then do these characteristics allow us to guarantee that a roof features a life similar to the life of materials used. Based on detailed design and possible settlements with an investor we realize roofings according to the roofer’s practice and regardful of technological and aesthetic details.

    Of course, as a part of our services, we also install additional accessories, like roof windows, solar thermal collectors and snow guards.

    Flat Roofs

    We execute also flat roofs in the following technologies:

    • standing seam of noble metal sheet
    • double-layered roofing paper on boarding
    • double-layered roofing paper on concrete
    • living roofs
    • double-layered roofing paper on thermal insulation: EPS, XPS, hard mineral wool

    All the above types of roofs are executed by our best roofers, on the basis of the established installation technology and investor’s instructions. Thus, except for tightness and proper durability of roofing, flat roofs provide for aesthetics and improved perspective of form.

    Obviously, we recommend using only materials delivered by trusted manufacturers, with proved brand and service history.