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    The Beginnings

    Our company was established in 1993. We set off as a local roofings distributor. Now, we are one of the leaders of roofing construction market. We achieved our status owing to passion, hard work and — above all — to services in our offer.

    Our Interests

    First and foremost, we are a construction company. We specialize in prefabrication and installation of noble metal sheets in the technology of double standing seam. In this field, we are one of the most renowned Polish companies. Except for semi-finished products manufactured for double seam installations, our workshop is a manufacturing centre of various metal flashings and roofing stuccowork. Our roofers are experts in installation of any other roofing elements — ceramic roofing tiles, metal roofing tiles and roofing paper.

    We trade in the highest quality roofing materials. This quality is a result of cooperation with trusted and renowned market brands. And what is more, we are a factory store of Rheinzink and Euronit companies.


    Clients, who decide to use Tomaszczyk i Synowie company’s services, enter in business relation with the top class of professionals. Our sales representative will advise the best solutions for a construction project and will see to everything going according to an order. Logistics expert will make sure materials reach construction site on time and intact. And that is when our professional team of roofers enters. Realization of each project — both for individual clients, as well as large construction developers — is supervised by experienced engineers. Additionally, our in-house architect provides project assistance. Our specialists guarantee that with Tomaszczyk i Synowie every client may expect we do our utmost to satisfy needs and expectations. Our team:

    What is more, in Tomaszczyk i Synowie we strive to integrate branch professionals, which is the key to effective cooperation on construction sites. An example of such undertakings is an annual angling fishing competition — a time, when representatives of companies, subcontractors and architects have the chance to meet and compete on an informal ground.

    Modern Background

    In our workshop we work with the state-of-the-art equipment. On daily basis, our tin-smiths work on a programmable hydraulic sheet metal folder, the so-called “miniproof” and professional guillotine. This provides for repeatability of operations on an even higher level, and lets the company take part in even more complex projects.

    We Like the Challenges

    Our engineers design proprietary solutions and details made of noble metal sheets. The company’s portfolio covers not only roofings and facades, but also interior decoration elements and even artistic installations.