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    Seam Roofs

    Roofs and flashings executed in standing seam technology combine everlasting durability of a uniform material, i.e. noble titanium-zinc or copper metal sheets, with limitless possibilities of their application and freedom of manufacturing transformation.

    Thus, with the use of this technology, and paying tribute to good roofer’s practice, and to an unfortunately disappearing tinsmith craftsmanship, we specialize in execution of all types of roofings and tinsmith’s flashings.

    It would not be possible without our resource base of professional tools, a properly equipped machine park and tinsmith’s workshop. Full success of an undertaking and a guarantee of a properly executed service — that is what experienced contractors, certified quality tinsmiths, renowned both in Poland and worldwide, provide.

    Our offer is prepared for clients who would like to invest resources in a construction realization that will outlast them, as well as their descendants.